Throttle Pre-workout (Iced Tea)
Throttle Pre-workout (Iced Tea)
Throttle Pre-workout (Iced Tea)
Throttle Pre-workout (Iced Tea)

    Throttle Pre-workout (Iced Tea)

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      Throttle was designed for males and females looking to take their workouts to the next level with 0 banned substances or gray market ingredients.

      We’ve designed Throttle as a 2 scoop pre so users new and experienced can enjoy while assessing their tolerance.

      Throttle is a 1 stop shop for energy, blood flow, and focus while hydrating you to avoid an unwanted crash. No dyes, no banned substances, WADA approved, USPA approved.

      Citrulline: A powerful amino acid that plays a vital role in the production of nitric oxide to increase vasodilation and blood flow while also helping increase muscular endurance.

      Beta Alanine: Beta-alanine enhances performance by increasing exercise capacity and decreasing muscle fatigue. It also has antioxidant, immune-enhancing and anti-aging properties. This is what makes you “tingle” in a preworkout and will normally subside after 6-8 weeks of use, or until muscle saturation has occurred.

      Agmatine Sulfate: A metabolite of L-arginine, Agmatine Sulfate is known for its pump-enhancing benefits but can also aid in focus, and stress management along with pain reduction from workouts.

      Electrolyte IQ Blend: Our best selling electrolyte mix, in a preworkout sized dose! We give you ¼ of our best selling hydration blend to enhance your athletic performance but also to help mitigate any crash you may get from Throttle’s 3 different stimulants.

      DMAE: a compound that can positively affect mood, enhance memory, and improve brain function. We combine this powerful nootropic ingredient with energy boosters in Throttle for maximum focus to keep you off Instagram.

      Caffeine: Widely known as the greatest thing of all time.

      EnXtra: A clinically studied cousin of ginger, Alpina Galanga has been shown to enhance mental alertness, and focus and can help with neuro responses caused by caffeine.

      Dynamine: A clinically studied ingredient, methylliberine may amplify feelings of energy, mood and focus by activating dopamine receptors and other neurotransmitters, inhibiting adenosine receptors, all without elevating heart rate or blood pressure. More energy and focus without the heart palpitations.

      Theobromine: Found in dark chocolate and the kola nut, theobromine can increase mood and motivation to train along with acting as a bronchodilator to aid in endurance. This powerful caffeine metabolite can also help reduce inflammation, promote better blood flow and reduce oxidative stress.


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